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Formed Reagan Youth and House of God during the 80s with the late great Dave Insurgent. Now I'm back to burn with my new band DUST ANGEL and I've got the urge to record one last Reagan Youth album about the life and times of Stig Rotsky. My blog is where I rant, it's like a diary, an account of my trials and tribulations that occur with my band's past, it's present and a future that I presume will be fun and interesting as well.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I don't know what to say about Canada. The flight from New York to Toronto was like nothing and when we landed we had a day off to chillax in Toronto for a day before we headed to Hamilton where we stayed with two of the coolest people, Jen Brewer, whose place we stayed at and Paul Kuntz who we hung out with before we headed out to finally play a show. The show went off fine.

 We continued on the tour with two bands as our tour mates; The Nasties and Dayglo Abortions. The next night we played Toronto and I have to admit it was a bit weird when you're hanging out and you think you have plenty of time before you go on but people were like "you're on now!". And we're like "Now! How's that?" because this was an over 21 years to enter show but we were going on, like, way too early. After we were halfway through our set we were told to get off the stage. How mighty white of them.

And the next show, an all ages show in London, they put us to go on last! Don't these people know that Reagan Youth's core crowd is under 21yrs and anyone over 40, because those people usually want to see us but give up when we go on that late.

Travelling to Montreal was hellish. I am 100% positive we weren't awoken for breakfast and when someone finally did bang on our door was so we could be told to hurry up, so we did. We hurried up and got into a van and the van drove us to someone else's house where we caught up on some more sleep but when we left, all our stuff, like jackets and laptops were being driven in one vehicle. As for us, we're smushed in a van packed with hardware that we could hardly adjust ourselves. $250 worth of gas later (the driver told me all the extra weight he was hauling had nothing to do with the fat gas bill. That's like saying I have hair growing from the top of my head (I don't). But, for some reason, there was talk that Reagan Youth "didn't know what they're doing'' and I'm sure it looked like that when I arrived in Montreal freezing and my leather jacket hadn't arrived along with me. But we were no longer in Ontario, now we're in Quebec, and the Pouzza fest was clicking. It was packed (saw a line waiting outside to get in, because it was too crowded already inside) and I was psyched for that one, really psyched. So we played our set and when those French Canadians asked for an encore by screaming "Reagan Youth!" "Reagan Youth!" that did touch my heart just like maybe I touched theirs by starting the songs  "Un, deux, trois, quatre".

While on tour I did find out some interesting facts, like Canada was the only country to ever invade the U.S., and they actually burned down the White House (the war of 1812). Too bad the guy never heard about the Arabs from Arabia burning down the Twin Towers with bombs known as jet liners packed with passengers and jet fuel. Maybe he thought that didn't count but I was in New York on September 11th and I can assure you, it does so maybe I guess they're learning history that involves Canada and Canadians alone? Dunno, don't really care. Now it was fun, it wasn't exactly Ottawa's Ottawa Sucks Vol. 2 festival, but Montreal was mad cool. Toronto had great people in the crowd and I got to see the Greek area on Toronto's East End. Now I just know the next time I play Hamilton, it's gotta be with PantyChrist because those girls are too cool and I'm a bringin' my other band, yeah fuck that shit, DUST ANGEL baby! And then I will blow everyone away, just watch (No offense to PantyChrist).

 Peace out until next time.