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Formed Reagan Youth and House of God during the 80s with the late great Dave Insurgent. Now I'm back to burn with my new band DUST ANGEL and I've got the urge to record one last Reagan Youth album about the life and times of Stig Rotsky. My blog is where I rant, it's like a diary, an account of my trials and tribulations that occur with my band's past, it's present and a future that I presume will be fun and interesting as well.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Long Island Punks


When a band says that they're going to show up and play, and people make there way out to see you, out in Long Island, a real band is expected to show up. Unfortunately, a band showed up but it wasn't a 'real' band, put some patchwork . The bassist bailed a few days earlier and then the drummer left it up until the last moment until he decided he wouldn't play. I'm sorry for they're unprofessional behavior. Yeah, sure, I know it's just punk music, but I do take it seriously.

I want to thank everyone who showed up and allowed us to do the best with what Pat and I were left with. Chuck from A.P.P.L.E. did a fine 'fill in' job on bass and Adam, from Stressbomb, was 'Johnny on the Spot' good on drums. Praise God that it was only 'Punk Rock'. So let me give Chuck and Adam their props, because they were great, as was Jae Monroe, who was magikal, beautiful and pharmaceutical throughout the entire night.

But it really sucks when anyone, but especially KayC, Natalie, Mary, who travel all the way out to Long Island to see us, and then they don't see or hear what they're supposed to. And also Jordan "Woody Allen " Romano, who all though is an Islander, still deserved to hear Reagan Youth played like it should be. And lest we forget Howie, the promoter, he's only one of the nicest and coolest out there.

I can truly say Long Island punks are as as they come, and I mean anywhere in the world. And it was great that they decided to get into it and enjoy what we had to offer instead of raggin' on us. But you all deserved better. And unfortunately, Al Pike and Javier don't share that view. I'll always enjoy playin' music, especially with a tight, cohesive group. That wasn't the case Saturday nite but I still enjoyed it because you all were in' great. Just wanted to apologize because the band was not.

As soon as this band gets it's house in order, I'll make sure to play a free gig in Long Island because the band owes you. And thank you for turning what was sure to be a ty night for me into one in which I had fun playin'. I won't forget that.

Hey Long Island Punks,
God Bless ya'll for you are the best,

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Kristen said...

I came down from Ct with two friends to see ya guys. It was still so much fun even if it wasnt your best show. Definately glad we came down!